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Saturday, April 22, 2006

6 Days Folks....

I've got way too much to do. Michael and I are nailing down last minute direstions for the trail out of McKeesport and the abandoned section of turnpike, I'm hoping the abrasions on my palms heal partially by Friday, and my packing and shopping lists are getting finalized.

I still need to pick up a few things; new chain and cassette, gloves, cheap sleeping pad, compass, buncha food. I also need to borrow a trunk bag from a co-worker whom never works the same shift as me.

I checked the long term weather for race day(s); highs in the 60's lows in the 40's, partly sunny. I probably just damned us to rain all three days.

My bike is in need of some love right now, I'm sure I'll end up staying up late Wed. night tuning up the poor old heap. I'll probably strip it mostly down to the bare frame, check the BB, pull the der. pulleys and regrease, check the grease in both hubs, check rim strips, lube cables, replace the rear pads, locktite the rack mounting bolts, and check the chainring bolts. I should get on this list soon rather than later.

I need to finalize the T-shirt logo and get to the screening studio. I hope 10 t-shirtrs are enough,but I'm guessing 5 will cover the field just fine.

Hope all is going well for you folks. Stay safe out there.



Anonymous max said...

i just put a new chain and bottom bracket on the faithful commuter and cross state bike.

i figure riding them to work this week will settle them in nicely and give me enough miles on them to make sure they are good for the trip.

i got my stuff all packed up for the most part this weekend but am still unsure wether to cram it all on my back (actually not too much stuff but i might not feel that way for 150+miles?) or to use these cute little panniers i have in addition to the bag. but i'll sort that out tonight.

is anyone bringing a lock? as of now i am thinking skip it and we could just take turns watching bikes if we have to leave them out somewhere (a store or something).

and for those from pittsburgh would anyone mind just writing out the directions from where the bikeroute ends to the park out for us out of towners in case we do get separated???

if anyone needs any local info or anything at the start line let me know... i am local and will be riding in that morning.

6:11 AM  

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