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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Final Stretch

One last thing we've been trying to figure out is the final stretch, from the end of the Youghiogheny River Trail (YRT) at Dead Man's Hollow near Boston/McKeesport, PA to Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh.

Reference the trail maps available at:

You'll see how the rail trail system turns to dotted marks, which means that the trail is not complete. I spent yesterday searching for a way around the busy highways of 148 and 837, but quickly found that reroute would involve hills and confusion and will not be worth the tradeoff of dealing with a little bit of traffic on these busy roads.

I advise going to AAA and getting a Pittsburgh city map. Print out the above maps, and highlight the route on your AAA map, knowing that you will need to deal with some congestion when you get into the city.

From McKeesport, follow 148N. Once you near the big blue bridge, follow the signs for Duquesne and 837. The on-ramp and the bridge itself has a small shoulder, but there's also a sidewalk on the opposite side of the bridge.

Once over the bridge, the road has construction cones closing off one lane. As of April 22, I was able to ride in the construction lane with zero traffic. Keep following 837 past Kennywood Theme Park, past the Waterworks Mall at Homestead.

Just after the Glenwood Bridge, the Rail Trail will appear again on your right. Hop the barrier, cross the railroad tracks, and ride the rail trail in to the new office developments in Pittsburgh's South Side. Take the Hot Metal Bridge across the Monongahela River, turn left, and take an immediate right, wrapping under, around and up to the Eliza Furnace Trail.

From there, follow whatever city streets you choose into Point State Park.

Sound good? Post with questions, and I'll try to clarify...


Anonymous max said...

i am set...

put a new chain and BB on the bike this weekend. SO SMOOTH!

i guess i will carry my lock and still cant decide wether to pack it all on my back or put these cute little panniers i bought on. for now i am thinking on my back.

could someone from p-burgh please write out the directions from the end of the bikeroute to the park? i have no clue as to how to pittsburgh streets work and would love not to get TOO LOST if we get separated.

chris you wanna meet 4:30 in front of the art museum (bottom of the rocky steps)? if you can't figure out parking just pull your car up in front (should be no problem at 4:30 AM) and i can show you where to park.

sounds like i am the only guy in philly representin.. (but of course i will maintain eastern PA unity with chris). so if anyone from out of town wants anything at the start let me know.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous max said...

i just figured out where my other comment ended up (thought it got eaten by the computer) sorry for the repitition...

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll try to get together a small sheet for the start with directions to the old turnpike and Mckeesport to Point state park. It will also have finish info.

Point State Park is at the confluence of the Mon and Allegeheny rivers. We will be parreleling the Allegehny so by continuing to head north west in Pittsburgh wil take you right to the park. It is easier than it sounds.

All I need now is batteries and food.


1:51 PM  
Anonymous chris said...

I think all I need yet is some gatorade type mix. Everything else is laying on piles. Still need to pack to see what fits where in my mess bag.

Everything else is ready. Cleaned up the bike and am still debating whether to put the fenders on or not. I think I have the maps I need but I'll take a look at whatever Eric has.

Almost time to roll. Weather looks like showers for saturday and sunday. As long as it's not pouring I'm not worried.

Max - did you get my email?

5:05 PM  
Anonymous max said...

chris i got and returned e-mail.

also i got a nice color copy of the route so i can share with someoen if they don't have the way to print it out. i think (hope) it will be pretty hard to get lost while on the PA Bike Route. so it is really only the beginning and end.

speaking of which are we sure how to get on in the beginning? i think i remember someone figuring it out early on, but it would be easy for me to look up in case no one has yet.

i am begining to realize i got a lot of stuff in my pile, good thing i have a big bag!

for a lttle humor here is a picture of me racing last weekend, my last training for this ride... luckily i have showered many times since the picture

2:32 PM  
Anonymous max said...

guess pictures don't work so good...

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got a copy of the Philly bike map that should easily lead us to Valley Forge where we should pick up Route S.

Route S should be well marked and easy to follow.

I'll bring 10 Allegeheny Passage maps with me. Anyone who wants one is welcome, I picked them up free from the ATA trail folks. These are nice Tyvek maps that come in a guide book. These would replace all downloaed maps from when Route S hits the trail up to Pittsburgh. It should also make it easier to navigate the confusion from Mckeesport to Pittsburgh and the route in Pittsburgh to get to Point Park.



12:24 PM  
Anonymous chris said...

I've ridden the schuykill river trail a couple of times so i know it fairly well. I know the trail at least runs to the art museum so I figure we'll can just go out market st over to city hall and loop around and head up the ben franklin parkway towards the museum.

Weather looks good so far with only a chance of showers on sunday.

Bags packed and full and now I'm entering the phase where I second guess whether I need everything I packed.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous max said...

alright i won't be checking this anymore so...

chris i'll see you @4:30 and i'll see the rest of you at 5!

5:42 AM  

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