Crushing The Commonwealth

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Monday, May 01, 2006

400 Miles Later...

The Race was a success. More riders than expected at the start in Philly (10 or so...), and apparently some confusion as to what exactly this "race" entailed.

I'm sure everyone has their own personal story to tell—big rig bullying, late night riding, pizza from the dumpster, 12% grade downhill fixed riding, a detour to the C&O Canal—but those aren't my stories to tell. My story is one of pain management and conflict resolution. And some really great people coming together to experience a new and exciting challenge.

I encourage everyone who participated to post their experiences here...

And for the record concerning the confusion over the route, I'll direct everyone to this blog post where the allegedly confused rider posted a response to the "rules."

But hey, we all had a great time. We all pushed our limits, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the Iron City in the aluminum bottle at the post-race souiree. And in my mind, anyone who rode their bike and pushed their own personal limits achieved exactly what this race intended to accomplish.

Let's get the planning started for next year.