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Thursday, April 05, 2007

2007 Rules

I'll try to make this simple:

We race from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia following the same route(Allegheny Passage, Route S, Schuylkill River Trail).

No outside support.

That's about it. No outside support means no support vehicles, no hitch hiking, no drop bags. Bring what you need or buy it along the way. The only acceptable detour is the Breezewood tunnels.

Any questions-


Carol brought up a good point in the comments. This post was not meant to scare off people who want to ride the route. If you don't plan to compete the rules need not apply. But if you plan to race, the above still applies.



Blogger Ccrider said...

What if there is a 60 year old individual that would like to participate? They would like to have there wife meet them at the campsites to make the ride a bit more enjoyable. So you are telling me that this is not acceptable?


2:48 PM  
Blogger Ccrider said...

I think my intention here was misunderstood. Last year there was some confusion as to the route and rules for those of us that treated the ride as a "race".

I in no way want to exclude anyone from joining in on the fun here, I just do not want a repeat of last years scene at the after-party.

So to make it a bit more clear: if racing there are a few rules to follow. If just riding feel free to do what you want, just don't claim victory if the rules and route are not followed.



8:30 PM  

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