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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Roster Update and Help needed

Some updates:

Nick and Ken are in, Nick got his bike back after some sketchy Craig's list posting.

see the story here:

Updated roster:



Dan from Philly
Justin W

I think Carol has a few Maybes up her sleeve, too.

We need some help with the stretch from Valley Forge to the Liberty Bell. Last year this section ended up being pretty neutral, with a big pack of riders, some doing the whole route, some just along for the ride to Valley Forge. Nick got lost somewhere in the city when the bike trail ended, I'd like to not have a repeat of that.

I have a very dim memory of the route we took, maybe one of the Western PA folks can help us out with a Bikely map? I've got a CTC account that you are welcome to use.

Last year we had an official pay-phone to in call from at the finish. I was thinking about doing the same thing this year, but I doubt people will have a pocket full of change for the long distance call to my house. Anyone want to offer a phone with caller ID and an answering machine? And more importantly, is there a pay-phone at the Liberty Bell?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tunnel Ride!

As best I can figure from the low-res satellite pics on Bikely the route above should be pretty accurate to get you off Route S onto the abandoned turnpike, through the tunnels and back on route on the other side.

Direct link

More info here:

The entrance on the Breezewood side should be up a steep embankment. A bridge was removed here, but last year we had no trouble getting down from the trail, although I think we walked our bikes. Anyone have a better recollection of the end of the tunnel ride last year?

And on a sad note, Nick's bike got stolen a few days ago. I haven't heard from him in quite awhile, but I'll offer my assistance in getting you back on the road if you need it Nick. I don't think I have you email address anymore.

Roster so far:



Ken (haven't heard from him in a while either)

If your name should be on here somewhere, email me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Map of Neutral start

Here's a rough draft of the neutral start. Notice start point has changed to the plaza at PPG place. Climbing up Mt Washington to start seemed a bit mean, so new starting points were thought of. The beginning of the South Side trail at the incline is another possibility.

I'm also working on a map and cue sheet to get you to the tunnels at Breezewood, and need help getting from Valley Forge to downtown Philly.

What do you think?

cue sheet here:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

2007 Rules

I'll try to make this simple:

We race from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia following the same route(Allegheny Passage, Route S, Schuylkill River Trail).

No outside support.

That's about it. No outside support means no support vehicles, no hitch hiking, no drop bags. Bring what you need or buy it along the way. The only acceptable detour is the Breezewood tunnels.

Any questions-


Carol brought up a good point in the comments. This post was not meant to scare off people who want to ride the route. If you don't plan to compete the rules need not apply. But if you plan to race, the above still applies.